when you are searching for special discounts involving Retro Surfer Couple Minx Nail Art Decals in addition to can be that this details in this particular web site pays to to you personally.Every day can be a day at the beach with this Retro Surfer Couple Minx Nail Art Decals. The 1960's style, minimalist art design features a fun-loving, sun worshiping, thrill seeking couple all ready to catch a wave. The setting is a tropical, island oasis with a beach of golden sand, swaying, green palm trees, a sparkling, peacock blue ocean, and an aqua sky. In the distance, we can see a teal volcanic island, which is dormant for the time being. Back on the beach, we can't help noticing the sweet ride that brought our couple to their dream destination. It's a mid century modern, red and white van with an orange and yellow surfboard strapped to the top. Though we can't be sure, it's fair to assume that the inside of the van features groovy, shag carpeting and the smell of incense! Surfer Dude and Beach Babe have matching sun-kissed tans, sun-bleached hair, and blue, tiki patterned swimsuits. Surfer Dude is holding a blue surfboard. Beach Babe is standing beside her two-toned, pink surfboard. Lying nearby, there is a red and white beach ball, waiting to fulfill its summer destiny. Catch some waves and share some love with this kitschy summer design!

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